• Structural integrity is inherent in the container. They are manufactured using 14 gauge steel with a thickness of 1.9mm. This is important to understand as a similar storage unit uses 28 gauge steel with a thickness of .38mm, making our material 5 times thicker than that of a standard storage unit.

  • These containers are designed for some of the harshest environments and to be stacked in columns as many as twelve units high.

  • In the event of a catastrophic circumstance such as a fire, it is highly unlikely the blaze would travel to an adjacent container.  In 1977 the USCG conducted a series of tests.  These tests concluded that “a fire inside a container (regardless of cause) will not inflict very much harm on the container in question and certainly not on adjacent containers.” Each unit is independent of the next. The tests backed up the theory that shipping containers can contain their own fire. Experts in the industry consider this revelation a good thing from the perspective of 5,000 shipping containers stacked on a container ship. This means that the whole thing won’t go up in smoke! By looking at the construction and planned design of our development, one can understand why these findings will provide similar fire security in our business.  There will be two 14-gauge steel walls between each set of goods…this will greatly minimize the risk of fire damage from one unit to the next while offering the customer a greater sense of security when considering our location for storage of their most treasured items.

  • We intend to provide multiple levels of security on location. The site will have 24 hour video monitoring with the ability for tenants to log in and view the facility via an app on their phone. The units have their own built in security with the 14 gauge steel.  It would take a significant effort with a cutting torch to penetrate each unit’s skin.  


  • We will offer a key code accessed gate.

  • “Capacity on demand” is an idea that came to me when evaluating the problem of “right size at the right time” Our solution has several factors.  First, we can increase or decrease size as needed.

  • As we grow and require additional space, we can add more containers in a matter of weeks and not months.  We have the ability to deliver a container on property in 5-7 business days.  One week for fabrication and we have another 320 sqft available to meet our customers needs. In contrast, a standard building could take 4-6 months from the planning phase, permitting, material delivery, and labor contracted. We will significantly reduce or eliminate the lack of space problem.

  • The second way we meet “capacity on demand” is by using our movable wall concept.  An example of this is as follows.  I have an available unit with two 8x20’ spaces but my customer only needs an 8x10’ space.  We will have the ability to move a wall and securely create an 8x10’ space for the new customer and still have the remaining 8x30 for a future customer. 




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