In the late 1940s and early 1950s, commercial shipping operators and

the US military began developing standardized, steel shipping containers.
 During World War II, the Army began experiments with containers to

ship supplies to the front lines. In 1948 the Army Transportation Corps

developed the "Transporter", a rigid, corrugated steel container, able to

carry 9,000 pounds.


After proving successful in Korea, the Transporter was developed into the Container Express (CONEX) box system in late 1952. By 1965 the US military used some 100,000 CONEX boxes, and more than 200,000 in 1967. making this the first worldwide application of intermodal containers. More than three quarters were shipped only once, because they remained in theatre. The CONEX boxes were as useful to the soldiers as their contents.

My wife and I have a combined 33 years of military experience.  During that time we witnessed those same containers fulfill a multitude of needs.  My wife, while serving back to back tours on the ground in Afghanistan, lived in one of these very containers. Her camp was served by and surrounded with them to serve as a barrier and a storage facilities.  This design was the standard for every Forward Operating Base throughout the region.

In my time as a Naval Aviator, every detachment we deployed and every foreign port we visited utilized hundreds of the containers. We also see their use prevalent in all forms of military operations. These observations sparked an idea in our minds.  If the military developed these containers and continues to use them for virtually every operation it undertakes…why couldn’t we apply the same use in the private sector? These observations allowed our vision to come in to focus and we launched Top Gun Storage Solutions.




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