Our intention for this project is to include a local small business in any aspect of the development we can.  Here are some of the 53 local businesses we are currently working with to make this concept a reality.

  • Our future plans are constantly evolving and exciting as we brainstorm additional applications. When our idea takes off we intend to offer franchising opportunities.  The intention is to give small operators a chance.  If they have a site capable of supporting as few as 3 to 5 units, we will facilitate their business and help them grow as their capacity allows.


  • On-your-site storage will cater to the offsite customer.  Perhaps there is a farmer with a need for a tool shed, machine shop, wood shop, or housing for their animals.  What ever the need, we will have the designers and fabricators available to modify their container as required. 


  • As a dual veteran owned business we will strive to hire veterans.  Our intention is to also target retired people interested in a position with our company.  Finally, we will tap in to the local high school and look to start a business intern program to help our youth develop in business management.


  • We will have several measures of success.  Many of them will be standard when compared to other businesses.  The ultimate measure of success for this project will occur when the business becomes profitable and can sustain a yearly scholarship program to our New Haven High School in STEM or Business.

Storage requirements have continually grown and progressed from the transporter containers of the 1940’s to the standard shipping container we use today. While the early storage pioneers were more simplistic, they assessed a need and found a way to satisfy that need. In the modern storage business we will take that same initiative and apply it to our concept of storage on demand while providing a secure facility for our patrons to safely store their goods.  

Our goal is to not only satisfy those storage needs but cultivate a business that can be replicated hundreds of times in communities throughout the state and perhaps the country while coming up with new innovations just as the Army Transportation Corps did in the 1940’s.  

Top Gun Storage Solutions’ plan is to start and grow from the town of New Haven, MO and continue our town’s great “tradition of excellence.”   




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